5 Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Can Do

in Tip And Tricks on July 25, 2019

Your Android smartphone is capable of a wide variety of things, but there are probably many things you didn’t know your mighty little handheld could do.

From simple and quick ways to change your wireless network to a simple method of converting your phone’s screen to another device, we have an assortment of things you probably didn’t know your Android phone could to make.

These 10 awesome abilities will allow you to show your abilities to your friends and ask yourself where you learned everything – you can link them here and share the knowledge, of course!

No 1. Stream your phone’s screen to your favorite TV

All you need to share your phone’s screen content with your TV is a Chromecast or a TV set up to work with Android devices. You can also reproduce what’s on your screen. This comes in handy if you want to share photos or videos on your phone with someone else, watch YouTube without having to use an external app or even play your favorite mobile games on a larger screen.

Go to the Quick Settings menu and choose Distribution. Your device will display the chromecast or TV of your choice (if it’s a smart TV) and you can start streaming. It’s very simple and quick to set up.

No 2. Isolate users of specific apps

We’ve all been there – someone asked to use our phone and we tried to hide some images and information that we don’t want others to see. There is actually a way with Android devices to hide this by pressing the button a few times. Thus, anyone you lend your phone to for a few moments will only be locked in an area until you enter the locked screen code of your phone. This way, they can’t use certain parts of your phone unless you reintroduce the code.

Go to Settings, then Security, and turn on the screen lock. When activated, open the app your friend or relative needs to use. Open Preview with the square button under the phone screen. You will see an icon that looks like a pin in the bottom right corner. Press it, and it will remain stuck at the front. there is! That’s all anyone can use until you enter the password.

No 3. Enable one-handed mode:

Some sizes of Android phones can be particularly difficult to handle, depending on the model you’re using. Fortunately, you can opt for the special one-handed mode on most Android phones using a quick shortcut. It’s on Google’s keyboard, which you’ll need to get if you don’t have it. You’ll probably already have it as your default option if you’re using a Pixel or Nexus phone, but if you’re using a Samsung or LG phone, you need to download the keyboard to prepare everything.

When you download the keyboard, open it and hold down the antislash button. Shoot the icon on the right to activate the one-handed mode. There will be an arrow here that will allow you to position the keyboard from side to side and reposition it. The icon at the top will allow you to restore the size of the keyboard. The keyboard can now be used with one hand if you wish.

No 4. Change out wireless networks quickly:

Sometimes you may need to switch quickly between wireless networks. You may be on the wrong network in a hotel or you want to use a friend’s signal instead of your access point. Instead of going into Settings, then Wi-Fi, simply swipe twice at the top of your screen and open the Quick Settings menu. Tap the name of the network you’re connected to and you’ll get a full list of networks all around you. You can now switch to an eligible network from there.

No 5. Swap into Priority Mode:

You may never have heard of Android’s priority mode, but it’s an extremely useful feature. It allows you to put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode while letting some notifications you select pass. Essentially, you will be able to choose who can bother you while everything else is asleep.

Start by going into Settings, then Sounds and Notifications, then Don’t Disturb. From there, change the settings and notifications you always want to pass. You can turn it off and turn it on quickly via the quick settings, but it will let important people through, and that’s what makes it so cool.